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Stop guessing if what you bought off Facebook or AliExpress is going to be a quality product (or even arrive at all...) All of our Vendors are hand picked and curated to make sure you have an awesome shopping experience before, during and after your purchase.

Hundreds of your favorite laser brands and accessories, ready to purchase, with fast shipping and great service.

Support your community members and shop from small shops that use their knowledge and experience in the industry to craft the tools and equipment they know the market needs.

This is Boyce.

Boyce makes this face every time he shops for laser gear on Facebook and Alibaba.

Don't be like Boyce.

Shop MakerREMIX

Take the guess work out of shopping for lasers. With laser features clearly listed and comprehensive comparison tools at your disposal, there's no better place to pick up your next laser.

Marketplace facilitation is based in the US and managed by laser experts, not 80's business guys in suspenders.

REMIX How You Shop

The 2023
Buying Guide

You’ll find everything you need to start your own laser engraving business, or expand the one you’re already running. This is the gear you need to kill it in the laser scene and these lists include links to all of the secret sauce I use to bring my A game every time I enter the shop.

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