Preparing Vector Artwork for Laser Engravers | Adobe Illustrator for EZCAD and Lightburn

In this beginner friendly tutorial I walk you through the basics of vector graphics for laser engraving with EZCAD and Lightburn!
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Hey everyone!

This is a beginner friendly tutorial on vector graphics for laser engravers. We talk about a ton of different tools and tricks to get your artwork just right for EZCAD and Lightburn! The tutorial is written for Adobe Illustrator but the same principles apply to CorelDraw and InkScape as well so hopefully everyone can get a little something out of it! This video is the first in a series that will increase in complexity as we go so keep an eye out for follow up videos down the road!

0:00 – Intro – Overview
1:06 – Creating a New File
1:40 – Creating Text
2:08 – Expanding Text
2:50 – Envelope Distort
4:38 – Type on a Path (Circle Text)
10:04 – Type in a Shape
11:52 – Negative Text (Stamps)
14:17 – Basic Shapes
14:27 – (Pathfinder) Unite Tool
15:15 – Shape Builder Tool
17:15 – Basic Plaque Outline
18:37 – Customizing Corners
20:36 – Reflections
20:21 – Photoshop Upscaling
25:00 – The White Background Warning
25:25 – Image Trace Tutorial (Complete)
28:12 – Bringing It All Together
30:30 – Exporting for EZCAD and Lightburn
31:43 – Blob Brush Tool
32:50 – (Pathfinder) Merge Tool
33:38 – Wrapping Up
34:21 – Outro – Supporting the Channel

WARNING: Do your own research before purchasing your machine. I have done extensive research before making my purchases and spoken at length with the manufacturers before placing my order to be absolutely sure what I was getting could be imported, would work with my electrical setup and performed the tasks I wanted to perform.

A NOTE: Links above include affiliate commission or referrals. I’m part of an affiliate network and I receive compensation from partnering websites. The video is accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future. Settings used in my videos are for machines of my design and wattage, mileage may vary depending on your machine. Always test your settings on your laser before working on items in a professional capacity.

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