How To SAFELY Remove a CO2 Laser Tube

In this video I’ll show you how to remove a CO2 Laser Tube + buying a Cloudray RECI W2!
Part II Here to learn how to replace/install the new tube:
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It’s dead Jim!

The CO2 finally died. Long time in the making I suppose considering I didn’t take very good care of it and it was a bottom of the bin discount tube. Oh well, good excuse to upgrade to something better. In this video we’re removing our dead old laser tube and preparing to install our brand new Cloudray RECI W2 and also taking a look at some of the accessories we’ll be using to make the swap. Thanks for stopping by!

0:00 – Intro – Overview
0:23 – Explanation
0:33 – Removing a CO2 Laser Tube
1:22 – Cloudray RECI W2
1:56 – High Voltage Connectors
2:25 – Silicone Tubing
2:49 – Hose Clamps
3:03 – Elbow Fittings
3:20 – Outro – Supporting the Channel

WARNING: Do your own research before purchasing your machine. I have done extensive research before making my purchases and spoken at length with the manufacturers before placing my order to be absolutely sure what I was getting could be imported, would work with my electrical setup and performed the tasks I wanted to perform.

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