How to Engrave CRAPPY Electro-Plated Pot Metal | Fiber Laser Tutorials

Learn how to engrave electro-plated pot metal with ezcad and fiber laser!
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Hey everyone!

Electro-plated metal is extremely sensitive to sparks and splash damage from our fiber lasers. Best to go low power and high speed to start to keep things as frosty around the edges as possible. Add power and reduce speed as needed. Clean with 3-in-1 oil. Hope this video helps and we’ll see you in the next one!

0:00 – Intro – Overview
0:50 – Setup and Powder
1:16 – Measurements
1:53 – Basic AI Setup
3:51 – Ezcad Setup
4:18 – Alignment
5:41 – Hatch Settings
5:56 – Engraving Parameter
6:38 – First Marking
7:25 – Engraving Parameter #2
7:53 – Second Marking
8:33 – Cleaning
9:02 – Oiling and Final Look
10:46 – Outro – Supporting the Channel

WARNING: Do your own research before purchasing your machine. I have done extensive research before making my purchases and spoken at length with the manufacturers before placing my order to be absolutely sure what I was getting could be imported, would work with my electrical setup and performed the tasks I wanted to perform.

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