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TWO Speciali​sts


- 3D or 2.5D specific functionality, inlcuding software Z axis, and 3D scanners
- 3D software troubleshooting and setup including Ezcad 3 and LenMark 3DS
(Does not apply to those with a 3D controller paired with a 2D scanhead OR LightBurn height map engraving.)
- Materials that we deems dangerous, complete list here: Material Safety Lookup

Refunds WILL NOT be issued to individuals who ignore this warning.
If you have questions please email us BEFORE purchase.


How to make the most out of your coaching session's alotted time.

Learn Google Meet

Google Meet is a very powerful meeting tool, it allows us to talk together, see each other, and can share screens with each other to educate or display an issue.

If you've never used it before and want to prepare yourself, here are the training and help guides so you are ready to get the most out of your time: Start Learning Meet

The Right System

Please be prepared to join the meet with the device you are operating the laser with ​so that we can better assist you by seeing what you see in real time.

Screen sharing requires your permission and is vital to providing optimal support. If for some reason this isn't possible you may join from a phone but it's highly discouraged.

Hardware Ready

Be sure your laser is unpacked, physically connected, and computer is ready to go, including any pending software updates that may affect performance.

It is best to have materials to work with as well (scrap materials and test stock is encouraged) especially if your coaching session is related to a particular material, or object type.

Plan For Your Needs

To maximize your time and value, we encourage you to make a list of what you want to accomplish, as well as a list of any questions you have. Keep your notes with you, and add answers and any new questions to the list as we go through the coaching.

It's the best way to have not only the most get done in our short time together, but offer you a reference you can go back to later.

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