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Can I use a roller rotary with a Fiber Laser?

Any rotary will work as long as you phase match. You have to know if your existing rotary is 2 phase or 3 phase. From there it’s pretty simple. You may need to wire in a new connector depending on who you buy from and what connector your rotary uses and your chassis has but a stepper motor is a stepper motor.

A couple things to remember:

1. You need to make sure your stepper driver is putting out the correct CURRENT for your motor, your motor will likely be different going from a chuck to a roller. Look into this and adjust accordingly.

2. MOST chuck rotaries are a 1:1 gear ratio which means your steps per rotation translates directly from the motor to the turning of the object. Rollers almost never exist like this. Most higher end roller rotary manufacturers can tell you what the gear ratio is for their roller and some even print it on the housing. You need this information to use rollers successfully, just like on a gantry machine.

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