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Everyone's favorite galvo laser software. 

Ezcad 2 - 2.14.11
Ezcad 3 -
Ezcad 2 - 32 bit Drivers
Ezcad 2 - Student Edition
Ezcad 3 - 64 bit Drivers
Ezcad 2 - 64 bit Drivers
Ezcad 3 - Calibration Wizard
Ezcad 2 - Community Edition

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Laser Parameter Converter

 ​Effortlessly convert and export laser settings between lasers of different wattages and lenses.

With Shark! Laser Parameter Converter you are clicks away from converting your favorite settings from one lens to another, or moving a friends library to your fiber or CO2 laser system from theirs!

 ​​The built in Combine function makes it dead simple to merge libraries of the same type. Keep the settings you want and get rid of the ones you don’t.

The result is the perfect library for your needs without all of the additional clutter. Append one file at a time or combine entire libraries with the click of a single button.