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Laser Source Podcast on Thursdays Cancelled

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Hey Everyone,

Quick announcement. After a lot of thought we decided it would be best to cancel the Thursday episode of the Laser Source podcast indefinitely.
We’re making this change to make more time for Kyle and I to focus on the core content that makes Laser Everything great! As I’m writing this I have 6 unedited podcasts waiting to be finished and uploaded. There’s simply too much editing to do to keep up with the bi-weekly podcasting and we think the core content is suffering because of it. So for that reason we’ll be continuing forward with the Laser Source podcast on Tuesdays ONLY at 9:00 or 9:30pm EST LIVE, as well as weekly edited episodes to follow. 

Thanks for understanding and we hope this change has a positive impact on the content and value you get from Laser Everything!

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