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Hey Gang, welcome to Laser Everything! 🥳

We have a LOT of resources available to help people learn how to use lasers and it can be pretty overwhelming if you don’t know your way around or what you’re looking for so I’m typing up this short guide with the highlights and important links so that you can get started with a little more direction.

Right now you’re on the main website, our hub, – and there are a lot of really useful bits and pieces to take advantage of.
At the top of the page you’ll see the main menu with a couple tabs to explore.

CommunityΒ A collection of the various places where you can meet other laser engravers, ask questions, get help and talk shop.

  • Laser Master Academy: The #1 way to support LE, our communities, the channel and the podcasts. Keeping all of this organized takes a lot of work and the members at the LMA make Laser Everything possible. Includes private forums, laser parameters, bonus livestreams, bonus podcast episodes and a whole lot more. Great folks who are helping to keep our employees here and the lights on.

  • LE Forum: This is where you are now! A new addition to the LE lineup. The forum is mean to be a backup to our other communities, the fall back if you will – so if anything ever happens to one of our other communities online we’ll all have a place to meet up and reorganize. It’ll also be the hub for vendors and customers from the Laser Everything Marketplace so we’ll be able to track issues and help both vendors and customers do their thing right here. Of course we’ll also have support and discussion forums for people who prefer the forum style of information exchange.
  • Discord Server: If you’ve never used discord before it’s kind of like if you set a forum to high speed. Essentially a collection of chat rooms. You can use either the text or voice channels and it’s a great way to make new friends in the industry or potentially nab quick answers if you catch the right people online. Discord is fast paced and there’s always someone online waiting to say hi and socialize.
  • Facebook Group: Ahhh Facebook. Yeah, we have a Facebook group. It’s plenty busy, if it’s your thing. I know some people use Facebook exclusively so that’s why we have one, we don’t want to leave those people out in the cold. If you’re a hardcore facebooker you’ll find a lot of friendly faces here that are willing to help with questions and it’s a great place to see laser engraving trends as they’re happening if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Resources –Β These are all of the resources, knowledge, links and files we’ve collected during the time we’ve been running Laser Everything.

  • Wiki (Coming Soon): the Laser Everything knowledge base. As Kyle and I answer questions on our various platforms we’re also adding the answers here to create an easy to use and navigable guide to the world of laser engraving. Eventually I’d like to open the wiki up to the community to allow for community written posts but right now we’re trying to get the foundation started. The Wiki is currently closed as we put the finishing touches on it but we’d like to have it available for you in the near future.

  • Downloads: The downloads section! My pride and joy. Everything we’ve collected. Software, manuals, spec sheets, reference materials, it’s all here. We also have a brand new Community Project Database where any user can upload files to be freely shared with the community. Anything from test grids to order forms, vector art to settings logs can be found here, for free, for everyone.

  • Links: All kinds of useful links to other parts of the laser world can be found here. Whether you want to open an online store, buy supplies, or learn more about how lasers work, you can find relevant links here. If you’d like to submit a link let a staff member know! We’re always looking to expand our list of resources.

Shop –Β Ready to spend that hard earned cash? The best way to grow your business is to reinvest your profits… or buy some Laser Everything merch, that’s good too! ;)L

  • LE Market: It’s been a long time coming but the Laser Everything Marketplace is nearly ready for it’s Grand Opening. We’re hoping it will become the #1 place to shop online for anything laser related. We’ve already partnered with some of our favorites both domestic and overseas including BJJCZ, Sino-Galvo, Mactron, Wisely, CK Laser, Custom Engraving Plates, Heavy Metal Blanks, Cloudray and others. This marketplace isn’t just for big businesses though. Dozens of mom and pop laser engraving shops have created vendor accounts as well to sell jigs, art files, coaching and a ton of other goodies. We’ll have more information about the marketplace below.

  • Buying Guide: The buying guide is filled to the brim with stuff that the team and I have physically had our hands on and absolutely approve of and recommend. If we haven’t touched it, it doesn’t make this list. Whether you’re looking for lasers, accessories, software or tools – the buying guide is the first place you’ll want to check when making a purchase.

  • Partners: Essentially just more of the buying guide with fancy pictures. Affiliate links that help to support the channel. Will likely be integrated with the buying guide at some point in the future.

  • Merch: If you just can’t find anything else to do with your hard earned money you could always pick up some Laser Everything merch. Sporty, chic and always in style. If only it were laser proof.

Shows – Our favorite recurring shows on Laser Everything! Includes links to LSRD, The Laser Source podcast and a Laser Everything episode search page!

Free Courses –
Our bread and butter when it comes to educational content. Quick links to our crash course series which are made available for free, for everyone – thanks to our members over at the LMA! Includes links to our Ezcad 2, Ezcad 3, LightBurn for GalvoΒ and LightBurn for GantryΒ Crash Courses.

Social Media – We’re on social guys, follow us!
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Video Channels – Places you can watch Laser Everything!
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