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Lost My Driver

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Hi there, 

New member here from UK 🖐️ 


I have been using my laser for quite a while now with no problems.


However, I have just installed a new programmer driver for my Arduino Programmer and it has all gone runny…..

in the past, the laser has always shown up in device manager as a separate item under BJJCZ LM2. Since installed the programmer driver (which has nothing to do with the laser), the laser now shows up as a com device and EzCad cannot find it….


Can anyone offer some help as I have too much on my PC to allow me to reset everything


I am really struggling here and I cannot update the driver by any was I know….. HELP!!!!!


Thank you in advance

laser driver image#

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It looks like your programmer installation replaced your USB driver.  Reinstalling EZCad should do it.  There are also some videos in the LaserEverything channel on youtube about the drivers.


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