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These FREE files along with all the other FREE learning materials, downloads and other resources on our website, communities and YouTube channel are made possible thank you to the continued support of our over 3000 subscribers at the LMA and many many MakeArmy veterans. None of this would exist, be available, or be possible without their continued dedication and financial support that allows us to continue our mission. You can support our efforts and keep this information available. Start by [clicking here] to learn more.

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[co2 galvo]
[co2 gantry]

License and Copyright Information

These files are provided free of charge with the intention of spreading information and providing support for those who are still learning. Theft of these libraries not only hurts Laser Everything but flies in the face of our mission to bring free and open laser learning resources to everyone. To preserve the integrity of these libraries and protect our values - these libraries have been copyrighted and are licensed to you accordingly.


FREE Fiber Laser Parameter Library © 2021
FREE CO2 Gantry Parameter Library © 2021
FREE CO2 Galvo Parameter Library © 2021
by Laser Everything LLC is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Instructions for Use

WARNING: Importing these libraries will overwrite your TIMING values on galvo lasers.
Remember to take a screenshot so you can restore them after the import.
If you don't know what timing values are [watch this video].
Here are some helpful videos on how to get started with installation:

These libraries are PRECONVERTED for a massive range of laser wattages and lenses. If for some reason you do not see your wattage and lens combination please utilize the Shark! Laser Parameter Converter, linked below. This software will take any of the existing libraries and convert it for your needs. Exercise caution when editing libraries and always make backups before attempting to edit a library file.

[Shark! Laser Parameter Converter]
Special thanks to the Author David Christian!
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